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1. Advents-Newsletter – On the run. We help refugee-children create a better future.

Because refugee long for nothing more than to return home safely.

I want to write about two things in this letter. First, I am reaching out with an urgent appeal for help. Because Uganda has been overwhelmed by an unprecedented inflow of refugees from Southern Sudan. While there is exemplary solidarity it cannot disguise the appalling poverty and loss of hope. We want to build a school for Ugandan- and Sudanese refugee-children. Please read more about this project here.

Secondly, I want to tell you about Steven, one of our most vulnerable fosterlings. He’s a true, everyday hero. I tell his story below.

Next year we want to help refugee children who have fled to Uganda.

You may not know it, but Uganda has taken in more refugees than any other country in the world in terms of its own population. This is due to the life-threatening crisis in neighbouring Southern Sudan. Over a million refugees arrived this year. Hopefully the situation in their homeland will improve again and they can return – because that’s what they all long for.

Especially the children need help. You need to do something and learn. We are trying to create a school for basic and vocational education for refugee children in the affected border region. This is a war-torn region. Solidarity is exemplary. Nobody’s complaining. But without education, the next generation will still need help. We can prevent that for some!

Learn more about this important project.

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