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2. Adventnewsletter – The audacity of hope

This is the time, where many celebrate hope for light and life. By no means is hope a purely Christian theme. Hope unites people all over the world. In Africa as much as in Europe.

In meeting vulnerable, needy children, I am often struck to see how hope can help to heal wounds and overcome adversity. In some cases, it really seems to be last straw that keeps them going. It shows in an exemplary way, how hope grows when we share it with others – especially in families. Unfortunately, staying hopeful is not something we can take for granted. When it comes to such a deep sense of trust, there is much – it seems to me – that we can learn from disadvantaged children. In Uganda, many vulnerable children have experienced hardship, from poverty, disease to outright violence. But while we can laud their unwavering hope, we can do better. We can fulfil some of their hopes. We can help.

The power of hope is on particular display at a solemn massacre-memorial (pictured) where Ugandan child-soldiers were forced to take the lives of an entire village-community, including their relatives. Click here to learn more about this tragedy, which is still haunting many of the locals as well as the swelling refugee groups who live here. Maybe it is this dark experience which has created such a sense of solidarity among Ugandans and refugees from South Sudan. Be it despite or because of their own circumstances, many poor people in this part of Africa have nothing, yet share everything. Because they know first-hand what it means to be on the run.

Die bestehenden Klassenzimmer

The existing classrooms.

In my last newsletter, I wrote about and on behalf of Steven, one of our hidden heroes. Today, I am writing on behalf of the many deserving children and parents, who are seeking and hoping to create a better life for others. If we can help these children, who have suffered from flight, violence and starvation, then we are returning a bit of dignity, hope and a sense of belonging.

In a practical step, we seek to raise a comprehensive school for many. It shall rise from the humble beginnings you see pictured. It will be placed near the massacre memorial – indicating that hope is  tronger than despair. Together, we can vindicate the audacity of hope for many. But if we send food, it will not last long. If we help children discover their talents and learn new skills, it can last for generations. Children know this. And they reward the help we can offer them. Especially at this time of the year, there shouldn’t be anything holding us back.

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