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3. Advents-Newsletter – „And suddenly, we had to flee …“

That’s how thousands of autobiographies of desperate, single refugee-children in Uganda begin. These children carry all of their belongings in their pockets. They’ve come a long way and it shows. To help them back on their feet, rather than waste formative years, we seek to build a comprehensive school, a dormitory, education and health. Because we believe that we can help them sustainably if we start here.

Most of their days, they spend waiting or searching for something to eat and drink. But their waiting has little in common with the joyful waiting of Advent, hoping for Christmas to lighten our hearts. These children don’t play, laugh or learn – like ours do. They lost their parents on the run. Some parents passed away from simple diseases, when there was no doctor and hunger didn’t help either. Most of these children just want to go home. But the way things are now, that’s not an option yet. However, our school can help them return, resettle and restart. One good day, they will create a better future for themselves and their families.


We cannot provide emergency relief. That’s better offered by government agencies. But Kids of Africa knows how to help sustainably. However, that requires much time, effort and resources. We need long-term support for that. But it’s the best investment we can make. Investing into children, into their good health, their confidence and their education helps everyone. Because we believe in them!


Hundreds of needy and deserving children, sharing similar hopes, needs and worries need our help! In their names as well as personally, I am reaching out to you today to hank you for your support. After more than fifteen years at Kids of Africa I know that we can put an end to poverty’s vicious cycle – not for all, but for some and for the common good. Together, we can move mountains. Help us lay the first stone in a much needed, new, comprehensive school for many deserving children. Every dollar matters. Thank you!

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