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4th Advent Newsletter

Dear Friends

Christmas is coming soon. All over the world, Christians celebrate the incarnation of God and the power of love – the strongest of all forces. Christmas is also the story of a difficult start to life. But when a baby joins the world, love hits its strongest nail. Even if life doesn’t go according to plan after that. That is why this Christmas letter is dedicated to strong children and their strong mothers – and of course to their inconspicuous secret.

1. When a child is born
2. Christmas is everywhere
3. The inconspicuous secret of strong mothers

When a child is born

There is a magic in every birth. It sparkles a promising star. Most parents know this. But from then on, things don’t always go smoothly. Frankly speaking, none of our kids had an easy start to life.

But hope overcomes many crises. Our small village knows a lot about this, given how our foster families got started. But we also know what to do. We have seen how love, care and confidence can move mountains. We have been experiencing this for almost twenty years. That’s why we believe in every child who depends on us. We believe in every new arrival. And we shall celebrate their new birthday every year thereafter. Because we’re a family. And we believe that there is always a way forward. Even if the going gets tough. Because we know that love and good care can persevere many obstacles. That’s why the confidence we have in our kids has many faces – young and old. This newsletter is dedicated to them. Do you recognize them?

Christmas is everywhere

Soon people all over the world will celebrate the birth of Christ and the story of inconspicuous stable in Bethlehem. Actually, its inconspicuous setting is precisely the point: Christmas is anywhere and everywhere. It’s in Africa as much as in Asia or in Europe. It does not require any special preparation, no jewelry, no garlands – love alone will be enough. That’s why it connects people all over the world – today and every year. In particular, it connects parents and their children – just as it connected God to his Son and all people. Also, of course, in in Kids of Africa.

The unassuming secret behind strong mothers

Of course, children also need strong fathers and caring parents together. But at Kids of Africa only a mother looks after her family. Like in many places, strong, single mothers nurture, protect and strengthen their children. Their impact can hardly be overstated. When their kids are young, they work around the clock.

While in a biological family usually the older kids help to look after the younger ones, there is no such relief for our foster mothers. Many of their protégés came to them at a similarly young age. Often, they had to attend to ten children at a time. Good enough, that burden has decreased as our children and mothers have matured. But the power of love never wanes. On the contrary. Perhaps today it is stronger, deeper than it’s ever been. Well actually, it’s the deceptively simple secret behind the strength of our kids. That is why the last Advent newsletter 2021 is specially dedicated to the love of our mothers and their children.

Once again with thanks to you:
without many supporters, our mothers would not have been able to do what they accomplish every day. We thank you for that!

Merry Christmas!
Best regards from the Children’s Village

Yours ever Burkhard Varnholt

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