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Happy Easter!

2023-04-05T08:58:22+02:009. April 2023|

If I were to draw just one lesson in retrospect from almost twenty years of Kids of Africa, it would be this: that love is the strongest force in life, always having the last word.

Give kids a chance

2023-03-02T12:41:50+01:005. March 2023|

Children sometimes need patience, always a lot of love and also the trust that it will be good in the end. I experienced this last week in Uganda in a delightful way. It strengthened my faith in our protégés, our patient work and the experience "Give Kids a Chance".

Lilian says thank you

2023-02-06T07:36:55+01:006. February 2023|

Dear friends What makes parents happy? First and foremost, the radiance and happiness of their children. There is another magic moment: when one day their child unexpectedly says "Thank you for your love, for your support and for the good time!". Do you know it? That's how I felt

Happy New Year

2022-12-19T15:55:55+01:001. January 2023|

Dear friends A new year is like a white sheet of paper. We want to use it for many good things. So that at the end we look back with pride or joy. A good word every day. Humility, diligence, solidarity and commitment. A healthy lifestyle. Striving to be

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