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A letter from Uganda

Dear Friends

One of our eldest girls, Aisha, who has lived at Kids of Africa for the last eleven years, recently sent me a note about a school-friend of hers, Brenda suggesting I may share it with Kids of Africa’s friends. I was deeply touched by it. I attach her handwritten letter. For your convenience, I also re-typed it without any alterations.

There are two reasons in sharing Aisha’s note with you.
For one, very calmly, Aisha describes the biography of one of her best friends at our school, called Brenda. In one way, it is a biography like many others. But that very fact is precisely, why your help can change the world for some. Because about 30 percent of our pupils come from similarly destitute backgrounds. Remember that we aim our school to always rate among Uganda’s top ten percent of all 12’000 primary schools. Because only then can we attract 70% fee-paying pupils whose income the other pupils whom, like Brenda, we educate, feed and house for free. It’s all part of our school’s sustainability.

Secondly, Brenda’s biography, her friendship with Aisha, their common sense of belonging and -purpose all speak for themselves. I encourage you to read it yourself. If anything, it might show why we believe in every child at Kids of Africa.

With all best wishes,

A report about Brenda – A friend and student at Kids of Africa Pioneer School

I am Aisha Namuhooya. I am one of the oldest children at Kids of Africa and a former student of Kids Pioneers School. I am now seventeen years old. Its been eleven years since I joined Kids of Africa. 

Download the original letter:

Before I joined Kids of Africa, I was brought up by a single mother with nothing to provide for me and my big sister. It meant that school was a hustle since she had to pay rent and make ends meet for us. Bad days got worse when our mom sought to send us off for marriage, since we were not better than a kilogram of sugar or bar of soap – which, at one time, she needed more than me or my big sister. But then, our fate took a better course. One good day we were allowed to Kids of Africa, which nurtured us to become responsible and ambitious citizens of this country. We have big dreams – like mine of becoming an author. That’s why I bring to you a story of a very special girl and -friend, Brenda.

Brenda und Ihr Vater

Brenda was born into a fishing village, known as Mukuba on Lake Victoria.  It is a centre for local fishermen, who set-off from the site and return with fish to sell. This is how most of them support their families. Among them happened to be Brenda’s father. He is popularly known as “Kamalimali”. Single-handedly he looks after his beautiful baby after they lost her mom at birth. And like any father, he would wish only the best for his daughter. He worked hard to make ends meet, for her and for him. But that meant he would go Fishing while young Brenda stayed behind at the lake-shore. But it didn’t work out and so he looked for a better job. He started digging other people’s pit-latrines. At least, while he was digging these very big holes, he could let Brenda sit nearby and watch him. As time moved on, Brenda grew in to a big girl. She needed to attend Kindergarten. But how? For such a poor father this was impossible. So kept looking for a job with better income. Then he started reburying relatives of rich people, which earned him enough to pay for Brenda’s kindergarten. But the question still remained, what next? Since unburying people is no big business, he was soon unable again to provide for his wonderful daughter Brenda. While good neighbors offered Brenda something to eat, she still had to go to school, like all the other kids. But with no money, this was impossible. 


Remember my story about fate? Yes – I guess the same thing happened to Brenda, when, one good day, she was allowed into Kids Pioneers schools, at the expense of Kids of Africa … Brenda’s full name is Nankumba Brenda. She sleeps and eats at the Kids Pioneers School’s dormitory where she often helps the matron. In the future, she wants to learn more and become a lawyer. So that one good day, she can support her dear father, whose caring love she is always grateful for.

Von Aisha

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