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A talent is discovered – What your help can do

Dear friends

The story of Ronald Lubega is something of a fairy tale. The likeable, modest young man has lived in the Kids of Africa Children’s Village for almost twenty years. His school career was chequered, he often found himself misunderstood by teachers. But last year he overcame inner and outer resistance. At our computer centre, he not only discovered his dormant talent, but also developed into a conscientious, committed designer – with an amazing echo.

Ronald’s example is a powerful illustration of the value of education and achievement – and why it pays to invest in people like him.

Get to know Ronald Lubega

Let me introduce Ronald with some pictures from his childhood, youth and a recent photo. They are also pictures of growing up well, of a happy childhood. And they are pictures that speak of responsibility. Of our responsibility for each of our children and the responsibility to open our eyes and hearts to the unexpected.

A talent is discovered

A year ago, Ronald discovered his passion for typography and graphic design. Since then, he has been publishing a new drawing every day on Instagram (@danteatype). What makes his work so special? Take a look for yourself: Design creativity and autobiographically grounded reflections on life testify to astonishing maturity. Ronald opens new windows, finds a balance of form and content, invites reflection.

We owe Ronald’s discovery as a graphic designer to Nevio Buzov, editor of an internationally renowned typography magazine www.46pgs.com. He was struck by the exceptional quality of Ronald’s work, regardless of his age, background or education. To him, Ronald was simply an exceptionally talented designer who happened to live in Uganda. Nevio’s surprise was all the greater when he heard that the Ugandan designer had grown up in an orphanage. Ronald’s work is prominently published in the latest issue of 46pgs. Nevio Buzov has dedicated an impressive essay to his discovery – which can be found at www.46pgs.com
No doubt – just as the internet is a village, Ronald is at the beginning of a long journey. He has taken the first step. May his journey be under a lucky star.

Read and see from Ronald himself

This week I received a touching letter from Ronald. I want to share it with you. It is a testimony of a mature young man who has been shaped by his life at Kids of Africa.

“First and foremost, I want to thank you and everybody who is out there trying to make the world a better place for every one. To be honest, if you had asked me what I wanted to be four years back I would have told you that do not know. And if you asked me what I want to become right now, I would tell that I want to become a person that can change the world or become a chain reaction for somebody else to do it. This feels like yesterday to me.

I will love to do this by doing what I love and that is typography. I started teaching myself typography ten months back.I do typography because I love it. For me it’s way to communicate.This goes way back when I was still a kid until now. I have a problem with expressing myself. This hurts me and the people around me, so I use typography to express myself and pass on a message to someone else who is passing through the same situation. While it’s prudent and inapporpriate to be silent sometimes – somethings are indeed left unsaid – being honest and open about how you feel is not all bad.

I am doing a daily challenge on instagram where I post at least a design everyday, and through this I am getting better day by day. Anybody that does something that much and that long and is that good… it’s has to pay off. You can’t go over there and do nothing but blow up. The main thing is, you have to do something that you really love to do.

One of my favoraite graphics designers is Wolfgang Weingrat from Switzerland. His style of typogarphy inspired me alot. Other designers like David Carson, Ashworth Chris, Roy Cranston and many more also inspire me. When I met a grunge design magazine called 46pgs on Instagram, that is when my life really started to change. It gave me hope and confidence to start believing in myself. I really love this magazine. I will starting my ICT cousre at a school called “Vision for Africa” in August or January. I am really excited to begin school again.

Obviously I met alot of obstacles on the way but what I know is that I am not built for defeat. Take one day at a time, brick by brick you build a wall that no one can brake. Flip by flip, but a ladder can help so that you can go straight. Most espescially when we live in a society where everyone wants to put on good face, wants to look good no matter what. But the truth sometimes is very ugly and you have to stand strong in those times when the ugly truth has to be told – when you have to come face-to-face with your own ugliness or the ugliness of those who might persecute you for telling the truth. Even before and after this, the truth is that we are family.”

Yours ever

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