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Aisha’s story

A shorty story about Kids of Africa and the Lockdown by Aisha

First week home after the school break off because of COVID-19 was somehow kinda weird to most of us because literally we were just from our Christmas holidays which were almost 2 months and now boom! we have another holiday shortly afterwards. Not like we didn’t want these holidays in anyway because most of us needed at wanted to somehow as out of school or something like… Yeah. About our first week we really thought it was going to be an ordinary holiday just like the others meaning we had to do all the work and keep our village clean and good-looking. This dearly meant that we have to rake, slash dig and also do self-study by ourselves since schools were locked down instead of having maybe the social workers telling us what to do and supervise us as we work, we had Dorte do this which worked out so perfectly because she put us in groups of ourselves with nothing like a supervisor or leader but literally work together as a team. In my opinion, this has not always been the case because unlike other holidays, we would be given timetables and someone like a social worker to push you do it without the love and team unlike now where we know that it is for the village is for us. Long story short, the raking and slashing but was nothing but a mystery because it is something we always do not but in this holiday it is very different because… we rake and slash as us which is creating in one way or another creating a stronger bond between people at Kids of Africa and us the young adults of the village and the other kids but this also goes to the fondness of the kids and the fellow kids which is finally making us feel like we have to do stuff for ourselves and always watch out for each other’s backs just in case making us one big and happier family of course with director and Dorte behind us also watching our bodies just in case. One of the things that makes these holidays different is the digging part in our fields. Previously, we knew the farm work would be working on our pigs, rabbits, chicken and maybe vegetables but it was fields was a delicacy for most of us who preferred digging the fields with the maize fields which we all did as a village meaning we had Uncle Kirunda, Uncle Christopher, Mummy Patience, Mummy Mary, Mummy Nambi, Mummy Prossy H.7, Mummy Janepher and Uncle Robert, Dorte and Director where we were divided into two groups, the even houses and the odd houses which we did and the winners were given rewards and a barbeque. As time moved on, we were made to all work together so as to promote team work as it still is how where all for us with Uncles, Mummys, Director and Dorte work together but the difference here is that whoever works so hard to make sure we do not miss out on this. Outsides work we have sports like football leagues like for both girls and boys and tennis where most kids participate after a long day of work and classes in the afternoon where Dorte has a class for the lower classes, the “A” Level students doing their studying in the Director’s office and another class by Meg so by evening it is always the perfect time to do sport and get a rest for the next day’s work and tasks. Ops!! Almost forgot the baking part where we have Mummy Janepher and most of kids baking bread for the homes since we can’t get this from outside, and we also had pizza sometimes last week.

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