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News with general information

What makes us happy?

2022-05-12T11:30:17+02:0015. May 2022|

Dear friends «When kids are happy, so are their parents». Most parents know the old adage. Not surprisingly, it's also true for Kids of Africa. During the past twenty years, our little village has seen know the truism from their own experience. Kids of Africa is no different. During

New Year’s Newsletter

2021-12-23T11:02:11+01:001. January 2022|

Dear friends In his award-winning memoirs «Wind, Sand and Stars» (1939), Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900 – 1944) described key experiences in his short, sensitive life and work. On the occasion of today, 1 January, when we often formulate New Year's resolutions, a passage from his wonderful book crosses my

4th Advent Newsletter

2021-12-17T13:58:40+01:0019. December 2021|

Dear Friends Christmas is coming soon. All over the world, Christians celebrate the incarnation of God and the power of love – the strongest of all forces. Christmas is also the story of a difficult start to life. But when a baby joins the world, love hits its strongest

3rd Advent Newsletter

2021-12-09T08:55:48+01:0012. December 2021|

Dear Friends Does it shine like the sun in the morning or like the stars at night? Does love comfort with a smile? Or shine joyfully? Probably a bit of all. Love doesn’t ask for favors nor does it set no conditions. Love suffices itself. It connects children and

2nd Advent Newsletter

2021-12-02T11:20:48+01:005. December 2021|

Dear Friends This newsletter is dedicated to those boys and young men who change the world. Some of these hidden heroes live at Kids of Africa. They have dreams, skills and the courage to realize them. Their insight creates impact. Behind their actions is an attitude. As they change

1st Advent Newsletter

2021-11-27T10:27:58+01:0028. November 2021|

Dear Friends Let me introduce some of Uganda’s young, female heroes to you. While the list could much be longer, I will mention but a few, in the interest of space. Please meet Amina, Betty, Lilian, Sharon, Joy and Mother Jocelyn - strong young woman, who are smart, skilled

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