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A country full of children, a fifth of them orphans

Uganda is demographically one of the youngest countries in the world. 50% of the population are under the age of 15*. The streets are swarming with children. As we all know, every child needs a family, but in Uganda, many children have lost their parents, to AIDS or to the consequences of poverty, misery and violence.

Giving orphans a chance

Kids of Africa gives orphans like these a foster family, security and education, so that they can stand on their own two feet, and so that their journey to school can also be a journey that will one day take them out of poverty. We believe that every child has potential – this is something that we are committed to, day in, day out.

Most of the children in our protection have ended up at Kids of Africa because they have lost their families. There can be many reasons for this – accidents, disease, poverty or uncertainty can all destroy families. The Ugandan government is the first point of call in cases like these, either via the police, social services or the youth department. The district of Wakiso however, where the children’s village is located, has a population of around 1.7 million, and only five active social workers!

The good of the children is our priority

Only after the Ugandan state has not been able to find guardians does Kids of Africa become an option as a last resort. We then take in the orphans and look after them for as long as necessary until they can stand on their own two feet. That can often take time, but we are happy to accompany them on that long journey using our five focuses to ensure the good of the child and to promote healthy, sustainable development: Family, Health, Education, Sport, Networking.

Lean structures, direct aid

Kids of Africa is a charitable association that is registered in Switzerland and Uganda. Our size means that everything can be monitored, and requires us to be efficient and direct, without recourse to expensive marketing.

100% of donations go to aid work. The costs for fundraising and advertising for example are borne directly by the board and not financed via donations. That is our promise to you.

*Source: World Fact Book

The situation for children without a family

Homeless children are permanently exposed to danger to life and limb. It is very difficult for them to protect themselves from assaults or illnesses. A vicious circle of poverty, criminality and displacement is part of their everyday lives. They never get to experience unconditional affection or personal esteem. Kids of Africa gives children like them security, education and confidence.


Families are strength!

Our families are there for the long term. They offer a home, a sense of belonging and care. Because children need love if they are to love themselves and those dear to them. This is the basis of our work.


Children need education

The path to school is often a pathway out of poverty, which is why we set particular store by education, especially primary and vocational schooling. Sport is important to us, because it unites people, teaches the values of fair play and gives our children confidence, while helping them to establish where their own capabilities lie.


Kids of Africa in Uganda

Kein Mensch ist eine Insel. Deshalb ist die Vernetzung mit unserer Gemeinde, mit der lokalen Politik und Verwaltung besonders wichtig.

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