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The children’s village

“It takes a village to raise a child.” This is what many visitors realise when they come to see Kids of Africa. Here, we are not merely referring to growing up in a safe family environment, which is at the forefront of our thoughts, but also belonging to a village community. Many hands make light work – particularly when it comes to washing, cooking and gardening.

“Kids of Africa” children’s village – since 2001

Back then, the association acquired a large plot of land on the banks of Lake Victoria, not far from the capital Kampala, which now – due to population density and the rapid expansion of the city – is a veritable oasis of calm. It is home to around a hundred children and young people of all ages, divided up into ten accommodation buildings which are each run by a loving and caring mother.

A community, helping people to help themselves

Kids of Africa is like a stone you throw into the water – it creates ripples. Because we want to get actively involved in a larger community, we take part in the development of our neighbourhood. We do this on a number of different levels. We organise sports tournaments, we help our neighbours with advice and practical support tilling their fields, we develop common infrastructure solutions such as water fountains and organise how the community should maintain them, we offer social meeting points, often for young people or mothers in need, minor medical support, adult education and plenty more besides. In short – no organisation should be an island, and we are not one either. And just as happiness is the only good thing that increases when you divide it up and share it, misery is also halved when it is shared, and the burden is carried by many.


Every family in the children’s village enjoys a perfectly normal life. Each child enjoys the right to an uncomplicated childhood in a family full of encouragement. There are no material luxuries, but at the same time, everyday life in the children’s village is a wonderful thing.

we are family


Education is a central value in the Kids of Africa concept. Wherever possible and where it makes sense, we like to send the children in our protection to external schools. This enables us to promote other schools and strengthen the independence of the children in our protection. Where this is not possible, however, we are also ready to pitch in.



Prevention is better than cure. Which is why for years now, we have had no new cases of malaria. Anyone who is ill, however, will get our help. HIV-infected children live with us – there is no stigma attached to them. Two of our founding members, Dr Julian Schilling and Dr Danielle Gyurech, are both specialised in tropical medicine and are in regular contact with the medical staff.


Leisure and sport

Sport is important to us, because it unites people, teaches the values of fair play and gives our children confidence, while helping them to establish where their own capabilities lie.


Emergency aid

Kids of Africa provides regular help in cases of “simple” emergencies. It can be as a point of contact for parents or an emergency place to sleep the night for children whose families are in conflict. Emergency aid is not one of the core competencies of Kids of Africa, but it is good to know that we are also ready for such an event.


Strengthening civil society

No man is an island, which is why networking with our municipality, and with local politicians and authorities is particularly important.


Werfen Sie einen Blick in das Kinderdorf

Hier erhalten Sie einen virtuellen Einblick in das Kinderdorf und die Schule.

Virtueller Rundgang

Our vocational school project

For the building of our vocational school, we need a refectory, dormitories and much more besides. Support us now!

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