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Education is a central value in the Kids of Africa concept. Wherever possible and where it makes sense, we like to send the children in our protection to external schools. This enables us to promote other schools and strengthen the independence of the children in our protection. Where this is not possible, however, we are also ready to pitch in.

This is why, in 2013, we built a primary school called the Kids Pioneers School on our land, with space for up to 400 pupils. In 2015, another school was begun on Nkosi Island – a very isolated community of fishermen on an island in the middle of Lake Victoria, in a remote place where they have few exchanges with other communities in the surrounding area. In 2016, another school project in the far-flung northern region was started.

Finalise the building of kids pioneer school

Finalise the building of Kids Pioneer School

Kids Pioneer School front view

Kids Pioneer School front view

The Kids Pioneer School enjoys a good reputation

In 2015 after the first year of its existence, the Kids Pioneers School was in the top ten percent of all 11,000 Ugandan primary schools.

We run all three schools with and for the local population. The ties to the municipality and to committed parents are very important to us, since sustainability is also an issue. This is why the quality of the education is important. The successes achieved by the Kids Pioneers School have already created ripples in the district, and as such, middle-class parents are beginning to send their children to our school. With the fees that we charge these paying customers, we can finance other school places for our own children.

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