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Everything is better with good health

Good health is not just a matter of therapeutic resources, as our two Swiss tropical disease experts, Dr Danielle Gyurech and Dr Julian Schilling, have been demonstrating for years.

Together with Ugandan doctors, they ensure good levels of on-site health. An illustration of the work that they do is the fact that the last malaria infection among the children in our protection dates back to more than ten years ago.

 Dr. med. Danielle Gyurech

Dr. med. Danielle Gyurech

Because prevention is better than cure

Good medical care treats the whole person. Prevention, diagnostics and therapy are just as important as the overall well-being of the people involved. The close ties between our Ugandan clinic and the two Swiss doctors has drawn international recognition for Kids of Africa in medical circles, since with meagre resources, we have managed to achieve significant improvements in quality of life.

  • For the children in our protection, a combination of rules of behaviour and environmental measures mean that we can almost completely avoid all malaria infection.
  • Our HIV-infected children have been living with us and all the other children for over 10 years, with no stigma attached or medical constraints.
  • All children who have come to us with their health in a critical state have managed to recover in a short space of time.
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