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Strengthening civil society2016-11-23T15:23:14+01:00

Strengthening society via our commitment to Uganda

No man is an island, and that is certainly the case with Kids of Africa in a social framework which goes far beyond our village, both in terms of time and geography. That is one of the reasons why we are keen to maintain our social commitment with key projects in the areas of health, sport, education and agriculture.

Good neighbours are a valuable asset, and that is exactly what we want to be in our municipality, as it has also helped both us and the children in our protection in recent times. We therefore organise regular sporting events, where our youngsters learn a great deal about organisation and logistics, and it also enables us to create new ties and maintain a sense of community. Together, we can make more progress than individually.


Ever since we were given a tractor as a gift, we have also been helping our neighbours to till their fields. Over time, our cooperation with them has grown, as have the harvests in our region, thanks solely to better organisation in the methods cultivation.

Harvest Time

Harvest time

Health and prevention

At our walk-in clinic, we regularly carry out open consultations and treatments. For the poorest in the area more than anyone, this can be of crucial importance to their very existence. What we prefer to host, however, are training events to increase understanding of prevention – because prevention is still better than cure.

we regularly carry out open consultations

we regularly carry out open consultations

training events increases understanding of prevention

training events increases understanding of prevention


In particularly remote parts of the country, we have always helped to set up and run schools – and always in cooperation with the local population. One such example was on the small Nkosi Island in Lake Victoria, which was victim to a disastrous vicious circle of poverty and lack of education opportunities nearby.

Nkosi Island School furniture production

Nkosi Island School furniture production

a village sponsorship allows consistency
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