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“Good News” – When help moves mountains

Dear friends

The need is great in Uganda. Much has been lost in recent years. Whenever a family reaches the end of its means, vicious circles of poverty emerge. But sustainable aid can set the course – it can also turn a vicious circle into a success story. This requires holistic planning and implementation. Some of our success stories show how this works. They move mountains, no, lives. It’s worth it. Every time. But the last few years have also seen our savings dwindle. That is also part of openness. We need you. More than ever. Thank you very much. You change the world! Read and see for yourself.

Reasons to celebrate

As we all know, “well-intentioned” is not the same as “well-done”. In order to help sustainably, we try to strengthen individuals, families and society. It’s about the glue that holds things together.

And: it takes a lot of good management. Planning, implementation and monitoring always belong together. Because only what is carefully planned, implemented and monitored will succeed.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome our new director, Esben Budolfsen. Esben, the son of our long-standing directors Tage and Dorte Budolfsen, has recently joined our experienced management team, consisting of Chief Financial Officer Daniel Ssettuba and Village Director Semmy Atim. Esben is a winning personality. A world-renowned teacher, triathlete and entrepreneur whose sporting enthusiasm is infectious. No wonder, our protégés are also growing. And their success is also contagious. This doubles their profits. Let me tell you a little about it.

Von links nach rechts: Ahmed Suleyman Mwesigi – Aufseher, Semmy Atim – Dorfleiter, Daniel Ssettubba – Leiter der Finanzabteilung, Gabriel – Aufseher, Esben Budolfsen – Mitglied des Nationalen Lenkungsausschusses

I could write about many – all of them are stories of strengthening self-confidence and pushing personal boundaries. This is how we grow. As people, as families and as a society. Here you can find a recent article about Paul Sserwadda, a promising Ugandan sprinter – and one of our long-time protégés.

Paul’s life story is exemplary. It began with a bad start. As an orphan, he was always dependent on the care of others. Fortunately, the social services assigned him to Kids of Africa at a young age. There he developed his amazing talents. Empathy, social skills, curiosity and learning skills. He was always top of his class in maths and English. His sporting talent came later. But now he is already sprinting in national competitions over 100 and 200 metres. What’s more, he has already been invited to an international athletics competition in Brazil. Will he bring home a medal? Who knows.

But the best thing is that more than 40 young people are now training at Kids of Africa to do the same as Paul. Success is contagious!

One more thing: success is no coincidence. I am pleased to attach a printout of the weekly schedule that the experienced teacher Esben draws up for our pupils during the school holidays. Because, as we all know, standing still is quickly falling behind. And good teachers often work with well-meaning rigour. One that challenges and encourages, one that is tough but kind.

Every person counts – we congratulate 1000 scholarship holders

Since last year, we have awarded around 1,000 full-time scholarships to talented young students. It is a huge endeavour for Kids of Africa. This is because it complements the work of our children’s village, where around one hundred protégés have grown up over the last twenty years. This presents us with major challenges.

We work with a total of 61 schools. Some would have closed without our school scholarships. But for our scholarship holders in particular, the economic hardship of their families would mean a year without school. This would be fatal, especially for those who cannot yet read, write or do maths. Illiteracy is a burden on life. Avoiding it also means changing a life. Because every person counts.

To ensure that our scholarship programme bears fruit in the long term, we monitor progress very closely. We are pleased to report that more than 84 per cent of our scholarship holders were transferred to the next term with very good grades just last week. Congratulations!

We support vulnerable children who are among Uganda’s poorest of the poor and can stand on their own two feet. That’s what it’s all about for us. Everything. We support them to become responsible, active Ugandan citizens. So that they can develop their talents and share them with others. This is how good things can be created in the long term. But this is only possible if heart, hand and mind are guided by the same power of love.

Because every cent arrives – thank you!

Your help moves mountains – no, lives. Every centime. I personally vouch for that. Everything arrives directly on site. You give young people, their families and their environment a better start in life. Sustainably. Professionally. Effective. For twenty years.

A few moving pictures may say more than a thousand words. Thank you!
You changed the world!

My warmest greetings to you, also on behalf of our protégés.

Always yours

Burkhard Varnholt

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Kids of Africa guarantees that one hundred per cent of every franc donated reaches our many protégés.

Because we believe in each of them! Thank you for your help!

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