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You too can help2016-11-25T11:06:05+01:00

Your donation ensures that our work can continue.

You too can help! Anyone can throw a stone into the water and create ripples that go much farther.

This metaphor describes the origins and history to date of Kids of Africa. And to ensure that this work, that is key to the very existence of many children, can continue, we need urgent donations and supports. Anyone can help us in this respect.

Building and running a vocational school

Running a good vocational school is a highly important project for us. As soon as we have secured 50% of the estimated costs, we intend to start the detailed planning and the construction – but to do that, we urgently need your help!


Sponsoring a village

A monthly direct debit can set up regular support for needy children.


Volunteering and civilian service

Do you want to contribute personally and on site? Do you want to have new experiences and pass on your skills to others? At the Kids of Africa children’s village, people regularly find worthwhile opportunities to carry out volunteer aid work. Since 2013, we have also been recognised as a place for Swiss citizens doing civilian (as opposed to military) service.

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