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Hidden heroes – Joshua

Meet Joshua Kisawuzi – a young hero of Uganda’s next generation

Dear Friends, this is an anecdote about unconditional love and about the power of a determined mind. It could easily be overlooked – its impact wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But below the surface is the value much bigger. It’s about the attitude, which can change the world. That’s why your help for Joshua and the others matters that much – your not only helping the children, your helping the people around them as well!

Joshua Kisawuzi (11, HIV-positive) joined Kids of Africa at the age of three years. He and his brother Christopher Kisawuzi both seemed fatally ill at the time of joining Kids of Africa. But they got back on their feet. Unfortunately, their father did not. When he passed away, their equally ill mother and -older siblings remained behind. They had a hut, but not enough food, medical- and other care to make ends meet. But Joshua had a plan. And he was determined. He saved every penny of his pocket money in an old margarine tin. Whenever he received a little extra, such as at his birthdays or his baptism, he would stuff it into that tin. It was his personal secret.


Joshua today

Then, one good day, his savings had grown to 50’000 Shilling – 13 dollars. He brought the money to his biological mother, asking her to start a kiosk selling tomatoes and other small things.

Joshua’s dream came true when the kiosk was opened, because his biological mother was just as persistent as him. But in the end his savings really made the difference. While her capital base remains small, her profits have risen to about 10’000 shillings a day – about 2.5 Dollars a day. Thats way more than she ever had before. It is a testament to a boy who’s been capable of going from zero to hero.

But Joshua’s story doesn’t end here. Instead, he recognized his resourcefulness and used it to reach out to more youngsters needing a helping hand. He collected old clothes, shoes and school bags from friends both at school and from the children’s home. With Kids of Africa’s encouragement, he took them to needy children from his former neighborhood. Imagine the difference he makes! That’s the long journey your help is going in Africa!

Joshua is a charming boy who has truly risen from grass to grace. He is loved by the entire village and has set an example which others are willing to follow.

Thank you for supporting us so that we can help heroes like Joshua!

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