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Help that draws circles

Dear friends

For years, we have been experiencing how your help is making a difference. What you do for our protégés also benefits others. For example, their teachers. Friends, relatives and neighbours. Society as a whole. In this way, your help multiplies.

Not only does it reach 100 per cent, but it also reverberates. That is also part of sustainability. This week I want to tell you about Norah and Bob. And about Mary and Julius. And about what they mean to others.

Burkhard Varnholt explains in an interview how your donation moves mountains and how he guarantees that every cent will benefit the children in need.

How your help makes a difference

This year, my son Valentin wrote a study on the circles that your help draws. To this end, he conducted numerous interviews in Uganda over several weeks.

You can find the entire study and other examples on our newly updated website. If you don’t have time to read the study, here’s the conclusion: however you look at it, anyone who supports a protégé or scholarship holder through Kids of Africa is making a difference in the world.

For example, he had conversations with eleven-year-old Akankwatsa Mary Praise, who explained to him:

“My mum used to sell our cows or our property to pay my school fees, but now she has enough money for my siblings again. I no longer feel guilty for making my mum’s life difficult.”

Or with the twenty-year-old scholarship holder, Julius Natumanya, who told him:

“When I finish school, I want to give something back to Ugandan society. This scholarship is a privilege, but also a responsibility. I want to dedicate my work to God and my country.”

Secret heroes

Norah and Bob are siblings. The two came to Kids of Africa as babies. They grew up with mum Miriam. Today they are young adults. Their friends are rightly proud of them. For me, they are “secret heroes”.

“Heroes” because they always put the well-being of others before their own. “Secret” because they don’t make a fuss about it. Their social streak comes from within. It comes naturally.

I recently met Norah and Bob and was touched. Only yesterday we were responsible for them. Today they are the ones taking responsibility. I meet them at eye level. I am curious to learn about their dreams, thoughts and their world. Compared to the past, many of the signs in our relationship have been reversed. And that’s a good thing. Very good, in fact.

Norah is a “jack of all trades”. Think of it like this. When we entertain guests at KoA, she is the first to ask, “Can I help?”. Of course she can. And then her radiant smile spreads in circles and is infectious. These are also circles that you have made possible.

Norah completed her training last weekend. She is now a registered nurse. In the pictures you can see her with her mum Miriam and with Dorte Budolfsen, Head of Education. Behind a proud “child” there are always proud parents.

Norah’s brother Bob is charismatic and a philanthropist. He recently started working as an intern in a hotel. He cleans, repairs, helps guests at reception or with their travel arrangements. The owner is extremely happy with him. No wonder – it’s mutual. Our younger kids look up to people like Bob. Role models like him can go an amazingly long way.

I wish you a wonderful first Advent. Stay healthy and enjoy the holidays.

Best wishes, always yours

Burkhard Varnholt

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Kids of Africa guarantees that one hundred per cent of every franc donated reaches our many protégés.

Because we believe in each of them! Thank you for your help!

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