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Dear friends

Children all over the world are excited for school Holidays – also at Kids of Africa. In Africa, tradition suggests, that children not only enjoy the spoils of holidays, but also offer some help to their families and homes. We, too, cherish this tradition. Because it prevents boredom and can turn out to be fun – especially when it’s done with friends! All the more, some light daytime-work actually enhances the pleasure out of a game of sports in the afternoon, or the pleasure of reading and relaxing! That’s why such active holiday-experiences are a rich part of the experience of growing up in a caring foster-family.

Holiday activities

I attached a few snapshots taken of some kids during their activities this week:
Norah leads a group of children grinding maize

  1. Kevin, Ronald & Bob while cleaning the schoolbus, which was generously donated recently
  2. Two boys sweeping the dusty road towards our workshop
  3. Brenda & Harriet paint a bookshelf made by our young carpenters
  4. Peter & Paul refresh the paint outside our library
  5. Mothers and farm-workers join hands in peeling fresh beans
  6. The first home-grown vanilla, planted by some children a year ago, ripening among our banana-trees
  7. Lilian, Diana, Melissa and Joy doing schoolwork at home
  8. Steven, Charles, Isaac and Gordon enjoy a Jack-fruit after cutting the lawn
  9. Playing football in the afternoon

As a result of their good behaviour, some kids are visiting the Entebbe Zoo

With cordial regards
Burkhard Varnholt

P.S.: Every year in the summer months we are a little bit worried, because Kids of Africa almost hardly receives donations at this time. We are therefore especially grateful for your support!

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