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Multi-layered effect:

How our projects in Africa have a lasting impact on society.

We give needy orphans and homeless children in Uganda a new family, a home and access to education. We support age-appropriate education for children and young adults. So that they can build a better future for themselves. For them, for their country, for a slightly better world.

How your donation moves mountains and how I guarantee that every cent will benefit our protégés.

Every donation has the potential to change the world. Every donation goes 100 per cent to the beneficiaries. Two criteria are taken into account when utilising the funds: the sustainability of the project and the greatest possible positive impact.

Particular attention is paid to supporting the poorest of the poor, with a focus on education, as this has the greatest impact.

Helping a single child means helping an entire society.

In his study on the Kids of Africa donation programme, Valentin Varnholt shows how you can help not just one person, but an entire society with your donation.

  • Natumanya Julius
    20 years old

    “When I finish school, I want to give something back to Ugandan society. This scholarship is a privilege, but also a responsibility. I want to dedicate my work to God and my country.”

  • Akankwatsa Mary Praise
    11 years old

    “My mum used to sell our cows or our property to pay my school fees, but now she has enough money for my siblings again. I no longer feel guilty for making my mum’s life difficult.”

  • Ainemukama Joseph
    24 years old

    “I’m no longer the hopeless person who stayed on the floor for four years. I’m now a student with a vision for my future.”

    Impact for the children

    Thanks to our projects, our children learn to stand on their own two feet and feed themselves and their families.

    Impact for people

    Impact on peopleFamilies from poor backgrounds are given the opportunity to send their children to school and thus provide for themselves.

    Impact on the community

    The local population is involved in our projects. All teachers and staff come from the neighbouring communities. This promotes an understanding of the value and benefits of education.

    Impact on society

    We promote sustainable economic development and help children to become responsible and educated citizens. Education, sustainable economic development and disease prevention contribute a great deal to favourably influencing demographic development in Africa.

    FAQ – Frequently asked questions

    Do you have any questions?
    We have the answers.

    How are the expenses for advertising and fundraising paid?

    All advertising and fundraising expenses are paid privately by the founder of Kids of Africa, Burkhard Varnholt – as his own donation to the project, so to speak.

    How can I donate for Kids of Africa?

    Fill in the form on our website and transfer the amount you have chosen. We offer the following payment methods:

    • Credit card
    • Twint
    • Postfinance
    • Bank transfer
    Will I receive a donation receipt for my donation?

    If you wish, we will be happy to issue you with a donation receipt. In this case, please select “Yes, I would like a donation receipt for my tax return” on the form.

    How high is the share of administrative costs in total expenditure?

    The organisation is unconditionally committed to its purpose. Every single donation flows directly into the project and thus reaches the children in some form. The administrative costs are kept to a minimum. No salaries or fees are paid to the members. The work involved in marketing, communication and fundraising is also often donated in kind.

    Kids of Africa guarantees that one hundred per cent of every franc donated reaches our many protégés.

    Because we believe in each of them! Thank you for your help!

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    Address in Switzerland

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