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Lillian’s story

Togetherness, an appreciation, by Lilian, 15

At first in Africa, it was just a rumor. But suddenly it became reality as more and more African countries reported the first corona virus cases. The WHO declared an international emergency – but before I go on reporting, I’d like to introduce myself:

My name is Lilian. I am 15 years old and attend secondary school in Uganda. Since the Ugandan Government declared a National Self Quarantine of the entire population in April, we have all returned from Kids of Africa to our village. In the beginning we were desperate. We were about to take our national school exams. But in the meantime we have come to terms with the situation in our village. After the morning run and gymnastics we take care of our garden, the farm, the fruits. Besides we have regular times to study and play. “The big chance” is a popular game as well as sports. The care by our good village directors, Madame Dorte and Mr. Tage is a blessing.

Outside our village life has become very difficult. Because of floods and curfews, the markets where we used to shop are in crisis. Thanks to our own farm we feel blessed by God. We grow our own food and cook and bake our own food. A big thanks also to the remaining adults in the village: Uncle Robert, Uncle Kirunda, Uncle Chris, Auntie Jessica and of course our mothers. Without all of them this would not be possible.

Besides work, learning, sports and games we also like to celebrate birthdays. Then we like to make a fire and grill snake bread on sticks. During these days our sense of community has become stronger. We have all become a team. We share a common vision. Our differences strengthen and enrich us and we treat each other with respect, love and appreciation. I myself have learned to express myself better, to organize my life better, to see my goals more clearly.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude. To all those who help us here. The adults in the village, the community, villages and days and all our friends and donors who make this life in Kids of Africa, our dignity and our self-confidence possible. May God bless them. We all thank you!

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