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Thank you very much!

2021-05-12T14:46:09+02:0013. May 2021|

Dear Friends These two words can mean the world. On today's Ascension Day, some of those who benefited from Kids of Africa stand up to say "Thank you." They all share experiences of hardship, unexpected and undeserved. Alas, they also share an uplifting experience: that of unexpected, unconditioned help

Kidsletter 01

2021-03-31T12:50:29+02:0031. March 2021|

Dear Friends While Ugandan schools are gradually re-opening, still quite a few dids remain quarantined at Kids of Africa. Ugandan lockdown-rules have been among the strictest in Africa. A year like no other. But, as the kids have grown to the challenge, they become a family like no other.

4th Advent Newsletter

2020-12-19T10:10:00+01:0020. December 2020|

Dear Friends After a challenging year we wish you a blessed Christmas. We wish you peace and time to pause. Good luck, happy moments and good health. Many of us must be longing for that. Good enough, it normally doesn’t take too much. A few kind words can go

3rd Advent Newsletter

2020-12-11T09:40:31+01:0013. December 2020|

Dear Friends For many generations, Christmas has moved people all over the world. It is a special celebration. Especially when we free it from the superfluous stress that we sometimes impose on ourselves. In Kids of Africa, too, the anticipation is great. But it is not so much about

2nd Advent Newsletter

2020-12-07T09:48:33+01:007. December 2020|

Dear Friends Most children in the world enjoy a day off from school. But when schools have been closed for nine months and conditions at home are precarious, the sky can literally fall on the heads of many children. But with careful planning and a little imagination, we bring

1st Advent Newsletter

2020-12-07T09:06:18+01:007. December 2020|

Dear friends At the end of a difficult year, many Ugandans want nothing more than just a few carefree hours. That is why Kids of Africa invited all of the children's village's neighbors to a festive lunch on the occasion of the first weekend in Advent. And they all

Week 16 in Quarantine

2020-07-13T08:09:18+02:0010. July 2020|

Dear friends Despite our recent anticipation of a relaxation of the lockdowns, Uganda's president this week ordered a surprising extension of the school closure until at least the end of 2020 - against recommendations from his own ministers. Although Uganda's infection rate is minimal, the lockdowns are creating a

Week 15 in Quarantine

2020-07-03T11:15:32+02:003. July 2020|

Dear Friends Is after the crisis before the next crisis? Probably. Because while Uganda is planning a relaxation of the lockdowns, a wave of hardship affects countless families. Children are particularly hard hit. Students want to go back to school. But most families have lost jobs, income and savings.

Week 14 in Quarantine

2020-06-26T11:16:15+02:0026. June 2020|

Dear friends While the lockdowns are decimating Africa's economies without a safety net, its people are strong. For their attitude is often based on a deep sense of trust. It provides an everyday-meaning to “Yes, I can”. And it is a source of recovery and resilience. An invaluable advantage

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