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On-site management in Uganda2016-11-23T15:23:07+01:00

On-site management in Uganda

Tage and Dorte Budolfsen

The Budolfsens have been running the children’s village with great success since 2009. The Danish couple and their children have been living in Africa for 20 years, speak Swahili and embody what Kids of Africa is all about – living in a family, motivation, integrity and solidarity. Tage is a qualified agronomist and anthropologist, while his wife Dorte is an enthusiastic teacher who uses holistic Montessori methods.

One of the many challenges facing an aid organisation is that sometimes, it can hinder sustainable development on site. During their many years in Africa, the Budolfsens have seen many opportunities as well as the more problematic side to development aid. Their considerable experience, their personalities and their pragmatic “no-nonsense” approach have made them invaluable over the years and an enormous help for our project. Perhaps their most important contribution however has been their commitment to building up a solid on-site management team of local staff. This genuine achievement means that Kids of Africa now has a pool of employees available who can look after the day-to-day management and also new projects. The team has also learned to handle holiday and other temporary absences amongst colleagues.

The aim of our village is to contribute to the sustainable development of Ugandan society. In our view, that is the only way forward. And this is why we certainly do not want to be seen as a ‘charitable organisation’. In the long term, it is our hope that the children who are taken on here follow in our footsteps and take over the running of the village that we have created for them.

All of these efforts on the part of the Budolfsens have gone to make up the long-term foundation of Kids of Africa and guarantee that it will be run properly at all times.


Director Tage Budolfsen

Dorte Budolfsen

Dorte Budolfsen

Florence Barigye – Head of Administration

Florence is a trained educator and business manager. She has been with us since 2006 and keeps our management team on their toes, providing management support as well as being an invaluable source of background knowledge, facts and expertise for the management and staff of Kids of Africa.

When I first came to Kids of Africa, it was just a regular job for me. Since then, the project has become a real passion and a source of great pride for me. I have never managed a better team, and I have never worked with more friendly or committed staff.


Daniel Ssettuba

Daniel Ssettuba – accounting

Daniel Ssettuba has been with us since 2007. He is an accountant for Kids of Africa, but that is only half of the story! Every month he compares the running costs with the set budget, and it is with a great sense of pride that he always comes in under that budget. Sometimes this proves to be more difficult than expected, but that is just part of the challenge…

Economists are people who work a lot with figures and money, but they do not have the personality to be accountants,” he explains with a shy smile when asked about his secret. “Kids of Africa is perhaps the best-run children’s aid organisation in the country. It breaks my heart and hurts my professional pride when I see waste or negligence. Here every penny makes a real difference to our children. They need our uncompromising protection and are earning a better future.

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