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Vision and mission

We give orphans in need and children without families in Uganda a new family, a home and an education. We support age-suitable training opportunities for children and young adults, to enable them to make a better future, for themselves, for their country, for a better world.

With our work, we are looking to make a sustainable contribution to easing a specific case of poverty in the world and thus lead to sustainable development. We believe that this is possible, which is why we want to make it easier for some of the most underprivileged in Uganda to develop into responsible citizens of their country. A better future can thus emerge from a difficult present.

Uganda’s population is one of the fastest growing in the world as well as one of the poorest. It is a fine line between sustainable development and the vicious cycle of poverty.

Opposite sides of the spectrum in Uganda are closer than you might think. This is why practical life education and help for orphans are our small contribution to helping the country turn challenges into opportunities.

Education, sustainable economic development and better illness prevention can make a real contribution to returning to sustainable, demographic dividends. This has been the case in recent years in a number of countries in South-East Asia which 40 years ago had similar framework conditions to those in Uganda today. This is why we see it as important to create positive impulses. All help counts.

For each child that we help, your aid is by no means just a drop in the ocean – it is a source of life and of a better future! Every dollar that we invest here creates more use than if it were put to use in our home country!

Our approach is based on simple principles.

This is important, and it is what differentiates us. Anyone who lives or works with Kids of Africa knows where they stand.

  • Family: A caring foster family is the best chance for children in need to develop self-confidence and life skills.
  • Training: Child-focused education is our most important investment in the future. We help children to progress, regardless of their starting point. We particularly concentrate on practical training, which is why we run a farm, workshops and other practical opportunities.
  • Health: We promote a healthy lifestyle and illness prevention. Little rules when it comes to behaviour can have a big effect.
  • Sport: Sport is important to us as it brings people together, promotes fair play and helps to integrate those who feel that they are on the outside. Sport also encourages us to aim higher.
  • Dignity: Each person’s dignity is a focus for us. Helping people to help themselves is what we believe in, and dignity is a big part of that.
  • Responsibility: Whoever comes to Kids of Africa makes a contribution based on what they are able to do. Success derived from your own efforts is contagious!
  • Direct aid: Our aid goes directly where it is needed. We as an association have chosen for our work in Switzerland to be unpaid. And we are committed to 100% of donations going to the children in our care.
  • Sustainability: Poverty can only be fought on a long-term basis, which is why we have anchored this principle in all levels of our work and in our training.
  • Networking: We work to promote networking. Exemplary cooperation with the state as well as social and political groups can create benefits and increase opportunities.
  • On-site help: We in no way support international adoptions. Our aid is delivered on-site, which not only makes it more cost-efficient but also able to spread throughout Uganda.
  • Non-denominational and independent: Our village sets a good example for different religions living together in harmony. We are independent of political and religious influences.
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