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Complete an internship semester abroad

Two to four volunteers regularly work in our Children’s Village. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to gain unique experience, acquire skills and do meaningful work.

What you can expect from us if you complete an internship semester

Volunteers are a wonderful support, but their temporary presence also has challenges. Especially teachers with a qualified education and a time frame of about half a year can create meaningful moments. The organisation also warmly welcomes shorter visits, but emphasises the non-binding nature of such stays.

With less than a handful of volunteers per year, the organisation values individual conversations and looks forward to working with each one.

Table of contents

Volunteering & community service

Would you like to pass on something personal on site? Gain new experiences and pass on your skills to other people? Then volunteering with Kids of Africa could change your life!

Over the past five years, a total of around fifty volunteers from Switzerland, Europe and other places have worked in our children’s village. Volunteers usually work in either educational or practical areas.

Requirements for an internship abroad

We have the same training requirements for all volunteers:

  • relevant professional training and/or experience
  • a good command of English
  • high social competence and team-orientation
  • willingness to improvise

Teachers should also be able to work for a minimum period of six months. This ensures that the children are not repeatedly separated from their carers.

Craft assignments exist in very different forms and time frames. Our experience of a work placement semester abroad ranges from two weeks to two years.

What we offer

  • Board & lodging in a family home
  • A unique experience in a friendly, safe and clean children’s village
  • Diverse opportunities to contribute your skills
  • The opportunity to experience the beauty of Uganda in a special way
  • Lots of love and joy 🙂

Swiss community service volunteers will be interested to know that we are a federally recognised volunteer organisation. Are you interested? Then send us your English application to

We look forward to hearing from you!

With Felix von der Laden, alias Dner, at the Kids of Africa village birthday party.

The well-known German YouTube star, Dner, visited the eleventh Kids of Africa village birthday party at his own expense. Follow his video blogs about three days in the village here!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions?
We have the answers.

How are the expenses for advertising and fundraising paid?

All advertising and fundraising expenses are paid privately by the founder of Kids of Africa, Burkhard Varnholt – as his own donation to the project, so to speak.

How can I donate for Kids of Africa?

Fill in the form on our website and transfer the amount you have chosen. We offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Twint
  • Postfinance
  • Bank transfer
Will I receive a donation receipt for my donation?

If you wish, we will be happy to issue you with a donation receipt. In this case, please select “Yes, I would like a donation receipt for my tax return” on the form.

How high is the share of administrative costs in total expenditure?

The organisation is unconditionally committed to its purpose. Every single donation flows directly into the project and thus reaches the children in some form. The administrative costs are kept to a minimum. No salaries or fees are paid to the members. The work involved in marketing, communication and fundraising is also often donated in kind.

Kids of Africa guarantees that one hundred per cent of every franc donated reaches our many protégés.

Because we believe in each of them! Thank you for your help!

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Kids of Africa - Association
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Address in Switzerland

Kids of Africa - Association
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8005 Zurich

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