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The scholarship programme: support for 1,000 pupils

When Uganda’s lockdown ended, it quickly became clear that most schools would remain permanently closed. There was simply a lack of everything. Families had exhausted their savings and could no longer pay school fees. Many teachers were no longer receiving a salary. In the meantime, many school buildings were in a poor state of repair. School materials were also lacking everywhere.

Quick help was needed and looking the other way was not an option. We were all in the same boat. So Kids of Africa organised a large scholarship programme. A total of 1,000 pupils benefited from the programme. An elaborate selection programme ensured that the scholarships went to the children who needed it most.

The idea behind the scholarship programme

In response to the drastic emergency situation in Uganda caused by the long lockdown and permanently closed schools, Kids of Africa launched a scholarship programme. Within a very short space of time, almost a thousand scholarships were awarded in the first year, using a structured selection process.

The aim is to break the vicious circle of poverty by providing early help to the most disadvantaged children, thus enabling them to help themselves in the long term.

Table of contents

Annual reassessment based on authorisation criteria

The scholarship programme works with a total of 61 schools. The aim is to provide aid where it will have the greatest impact: among the poorest of the poor. In rural areas, there is often no aid organisation and the state is overwhelmed. But it is not easy. How do you make the beneficiaries realise that unconditional aid does not last forever? What do you do when the money is simply not enough for everyone? These are not easy questions. The best answer is always honest. So we always limit our scholarships to one year. Only the best may receive an extension. But only if there is enough money.

The impact is huge. Just imagine: In Uganda, we can pay for a primary school pupil’s education, board and lodging with around CHF 100 per month. What’s more, we are relieving the burden on a family and securing jobs for teachers. That’s several benefits at once.

Combating functional illiteracy

In Europe, a month at boarding school costs many times more. It is an example of the great impact of a small sponsorship. Scholarships also show why prevention is usually better than cure. Because we prevent illiteracy through access to education. Functional illiteracy is a stigma for life. It marginalises, degrades and burdens people and their families.

With a one-year scholarship, we can lay the foundations for preventing functional illiteracy. It’s worth it. Help us with this. Because we are dependent on all help. That is also part of honesty.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions?
We have the answers.

How are the expenses for advertising and fundraising paid?

All advertising and fundraising expenses are paid privately by the founder of Kids of Africa, Burkhard Varnholt – as his own donation to the project, so to speak.

How can I donate for Kids of Africa?

Fill in the form on our website and transfer the amount you have chosen. We offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Twint
  • Postfinance
  • Bank transfer
Will I receive a donation receipt for my donation?

If you wish, we will be happy to issue you with a donation receipt. In this case, please select “Yes, I would like a donation receipt for my tax return” on the form.

How high is the share of administrative costs in total expenditure?

The organisation is unconditionally committed to its purpose. Every single donation flows directly into the project and thus reaches the children in some form. The administrative costs are kept to a minimum. No salaries or fees are paid to the members. The work involved in marketing, communication and fundraising is also often donated in kind.

Kids of Africa guarantees that one hundred per cent of every franc donated reaches our many protégés.

Because we believe in each of them! Thank you for your help!

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Address in Switzerland

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