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Then and now

Dear friends
I came across an old photo from Oct. 2010 showing the house 6 children on the veranda. I printed it out and showed them. They were enthusiastic about seeing how small they were those days.

From the old photo they were able to place themselves in the same way as in 2010 – Whitney insisting to stand up like before.

I then took their photo of 2016 and they were amazed how they had grown. The world and house 6 kids are not at a stand still – just look at the 2 photos attached.


Tage Budolfsen
Director, Kids of Africa Children’s Village

Die Kinder heute

Kids today

P.S. – Welcome to our new arrival!

Yesterday, at 23:30 the Kisubi police called us about a 2-3 weeks old boy found at a roadside and they asked for our immediate assistance. We have offered good care to the helpless baby-boy. The placement at Kids of Africa is temporary until the police finds the mother or relatives. Until then, mother Patience has been happy to welcome him into her family. We will report further on this new development.




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