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Back to school!

Dear friends and supporters!

Did you ever look forward to the first day of school after a long vacation? Of course, every child loves holidays. And so do we. But after a good long summer, our kids are longing to seeing their classmates again! And indeed, there is an array of practically useful subjects which they will learn soon!

Meanwhile, much has happened at Kids of Africa this summer. In Northern Uganda, we have opened a new school together with the Green Leaves Education Foundation. Originally, it was designed for around 300 pupils. But on my last visit, I think I saw more than 800 students in the new classrooms. Certainly, there’s never a dull day in our work. For each of these young people, attending school is currently the most valuable opportunity to improve their work-perspectives. And they sure work hard for that.

Their hopes and efforts are equally our motivation. If we can fulfil their thirst for education, that will be a lasting reward. It will not be enough. But it will go a long way for each one of them. While we do not have enough seats and textbooks for this surge in new-joiners, we are good at making the most of what we have. So we share books, space and teachers. Substance matters more than form, we always claim. That’s why we look forward to a good semester, starting soon.

In our Kids Pioneers School we are currently adding a dormitory for 80 new students. This will be a big step forward for these pupils. Less time-lost on commuting means more time to benefit from one of the best primary-schools in the country. What’s more, we will soon introduce vocational training. We will emphasize practical knowledge and skills that our kids can apply quickly.

Last but not least, our kids were active throughout the holidays. Family- and home-work, sports, harvesting in the farm and social activities ranked high on their agendas. It’s a tricky task to plan for so many but our team mastered it exemplary!

Thank you for every support to help our kids take their future into their own hands!

Yours ever,

Burkhard Varnholt

2018-09-19T11:49:17+02:0019. September 2018|
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