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Week 12 in Quarantine

Dear friends

Aristotle considered the youth of his time irresponsible, without manners and horrible to look at. Clearly, it always took a special effort for members of all generations to respect, honor and support each other. Creating communities is no walk in the park. Things can be difficult. But there is no way around mutual trust, respect and appreciation.
Our village-community never expected to be quarantined in solitude for 12 weeks. But today these values count more than ever – and they create a common basis of values for all in the Kids of Africa village. They can all be proud of this. A report from week 12 in isolation.
And a picture of Joseph, our latest guest who received a new start into his life at Kids of Africa right at the onset of the lockdowns.

Joseph – whose life in Kids of Africa began anew

Look at Joseph in the arms of Charity. Joseph was only entrusted by the authorities of Kids of Africa at the beginning of the Corona crisis. What an unusual second start into life. But if you look closely, we see everything in this picture that matters: mutual trust, respect and appreciation. And this already between the children, who don’t “owe” each other anything. They trust, respect and appreciate each other simply because it matters. That’s why we believe in every one of our kids.

Talking to each other

One of the inconspicuous secrets of good communities is an open and regular dialogue. That people talk to each other, not about each other. We have often heard such truisms. But in times like these, they are really being tested.

Time for ourselves

Especially for the adolescents, the teenagers it is important to have places of retreat. Places to contemplate, enjoy solitude, read a book, draw a drawing or have a private chat between friends. Cherishing these special moments is important during times like these.

Working together

This week our kids crafted sandals with good guidance. Even such deceiptively small experiences are important experiences. Because they are concrete, they connect and they strengthen craftsmanship. All good things!

Let us hope

While the national lockdown and the unprecedented flooding in Uganda caused equally unprecedented collateral damage, there is also reason for hope. The intensive rainfall, for example, has subsided. The floods are receding. Its damage is enormous, but Uganda is strong. Its citizens are creative. They will overcome. And although it will take even longer for the damage from the lockdowns to heal, African societies in general are resilient. They have seen many setbacks without being overwhelmed. This one, too, will be overcome.

Yours sincerely
Burkhard Varnholt

2020-06-10T11:04:29+02:0012. June 2020|
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