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Week 15 in Quarantine

Dear Friends

Is after the crisis before the next crisis? Probably. Because while Uganda is planning a relaxation of the lockdowns, a wave of hardship affects countless families. Children are particularly hard hit. Students want to go back to school. But most families have lost jobs, income and savings.
Regular school scholarships and an extra pot for special needs are what helps most now.

Donate a scholarship

Because the way to school is the best way out of poverty!
And, secondly, because Kids of Africa can offer you the guarantee that every penny goes down well.

Kids of Africa has built four important schools for the local population in remote regions of Uganda. All schools have succeeded in giving the many young people in their region skills, a sense of belonging and a perspective. A total of almost 2,000 students attend these schools. Many parents and families are thus relieved. The society is strengthened. They have a sustainable impact and help familes help themselves.

So far, these schools have been able to provide lessons very successfully and even cover their costs. In addition, they have also been able to donate scholarships to those in need and also help parents and adults. This is what made them financially sustainable.

But with the lockdowns almost all private savings and reserves have been used up, jobs have been lost, wages have fallen and the inflation of food is eating away more than is available. That is why it is now important to distribute scholarships quickly, specifically and temporarily. To help as quickly as possible and to find a way back to “normality” just as quickly.

Find four suggestions for school scholarships

Registration village sponsorship


You have chosen to donate CHF 10 monthly.

Personal Info

Donation Total: CHF 10 Monthly

Our kids thank you for each scholarship. It is perhaps the best investment we can make this year. Thank you!

With this I would like to say goodbye to you this week with thanks and best wishes, and wish you a nice summer holiday and all the best

Burkhard Varnholt

Our donation account information:

PC: 89-161877-8
IBAN: CH18 0900 0000 8916 1877 8

P.S. There are many small things that make up the costs and additional expenses of running a school. At Kids of Africa we have full transparency about all these small and big costs and if you are interested, I would like to give you an overview of the different services that your scholarship makes possible:

  1. teaching in classes of about 30 students according to the national curriculum
  2. supervised task time
  3. sports and tournaments
  4. school materials (books, pens, pads, etc.)
  5. school clothing
  6. an adequate, supervised school area with sufficient sports and exercise facilities
  7. first aid station
  8. clean, running water and functional, sanitary facilities
  9. solar power and general management of the school facilities (maintenance, sewage, waste disposal, etc.)
  10. breakfast, lunch, dinner
  11. a bed with mosquito net in an adequate common bedroom.
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