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Week 16 in Quarantine

Dear friends

Despite our recent anticipation of a relaxation of the lockdowns, Uganda’s president this week ordered a surprising extension of the school closure until at least the end of 2020 – against recommendations from his own ministers. Although Uganda’s infection rate is minimal, the lockdowns are creating a humanitarian tragedy. But Uganda’s citizens are resilient. Our protégés published their own village newspaper this week – “KoA Eye”. Read for yourself why the children look to their future with great confidence.
I wish you a nice summer and say goodbye for some weeks of holidays.

A village newspaper is created

“KoA Eye” is the first village newspaper of our protégés. “We’re all journalists now!” With these words, her editors, Aisha (15) and her friends invite all other villagers to contribute to the next issue. “KoA Eye” is about life in the village – news, social issues, sports, opinions. A real school newspaper. The lockdowns have made our kids grow and mature. One hesitates to write about a “student newspaper”. It’s a testimony to their strengths. I attach just one OpEd by Florence (14) – but you can also read the full paper here:

The influence of the surprising lockdowns of KoA’s children

“Despite the unexpected isolation of Kids of Africa caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, the crisis showed important signs. Namely that we children are ready to lead our village just as well as the adults. We have seen that we children can cultivate the fields. That, after initial guidance, we can maintain and repair our infrastructure. That we can fetch water and cook when the water pump doesn’t work. That we can cook our food and keep our houses clean. Thumbs up, for all the children of Kids of Africa!
We have learned a lot. That our world can change tomorrow. That we have to be ready to adapt flexibly at any time. We know that we can. But we don’t know what the world will be like tomorrow.”

Written by Florence (14).

Pictures of our (youngest) protégés

Do you remember our youngest protégés, who were entrusted to Kids of Africa for care and guardianship in a deplorable condition at the beginning of the lockdowns? See them today. They are pictures that show why a strong family is the best promise for a healthy future.

And here are some snapshots of our next generation. They are the best reason why we believe in them, why we believe in Africa’s future.

17kg vanilla and 3’000 pineapple seedlings

After the devastating floods, the situation is normalizing (although the locust plague is still haunting parts of East Africa). This week we were able to harvest a total of 17kg vanilla. A record for Kids of Africa! We had set the precious and demanding climbers about three years ago. Since then they have been growing slowly in our banana plantation – despite a big loss due to the flooding, the harvest was rich. Sometimes nature creates compensatory justice.

And even more: our protégés planted a total of 3’000 pineapple seedlings last week. Yummy … And along the way they learn about agriculture, sustainability and personal responsibility,

I wish you a wonderful summer, thank you for your support and send you my best wishes. The next four weeks I will not send any reports from Kids of Africa because of my own family holidays.

Best wishes

Burkhard Varnholt

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