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Week 2 in Quarantine

Isolated, but not alone

Dear Friends

Draconian curfews pose practically unsolvable problems for Africa. Uganda – which has fewer intensive care beds than ministers – experiences them day and night. How should people eat and drink who have neither water nor food supplies?

Since the lockdown began, Kids of Africa has offered shelter to additional children, whose families cannot feed them. Our gates have been hermetically closed for two weeks. But thanks to the care and leadership of our longtime directors, Dorte and Tage Budolfsen and the solidarity of all the kids, the mood is remarkable good. A short report.

Mushroom invasion!

After the daily morning run there was joyful excitement today. The intense rain of the past few weeks had given us a rare mushroom blessing. When one of our children noticed the mushrooms, the rumor spread like wildfire throughout the village. The children could no longer be stopped. A few minutes later, mushrooms were searched everywhere with many small hands. Mother Mary (middle picture) is happy: “Hooray – today we’re making a big mushroom sauce for the whole house!”

Rising water-levels

Rain is a blessing. But it can also become a challenge. The level of Lake Victoria, on the banks of which we live, has been rising to unprecedented levels. Nobody can say how long it will go up. Our apartment buildings are only a few meters away from the new bank. A good third of our fruit and vanilla plantations are flooded – the affected banana plants are dead.


Of course, we also strive for home schooling. Not online, however, but with pen, chalk and paper. That’s how it works. Yesterday the older children had to write an essay. The result was a wonderful mix – some long, some short, some fictional, others were autobiographical. For example, a short note from a protégé who prefers to walk rather than learn:

– Wake up early!  –

We wake up early every morning. We run around the field with our leader, Madame Dorte. That is why we are strong and fit – at least those who are waking up in the morning. They benefit more than those who stay in their beds. They is why they say “Early birds catch the worms!”. We are physically fit and healthy.
So guys – learn to wake up in the morning!” – Steven (12)


Finally, a snapshot of one of our latest fosterlings. He and the other two kids (I reported last week) have already arrived well. They integrate timidly and have rediscovered their laughter.

Many thanks and greetings for solidarity in these special times.

On behalf of Kids of Africa
Yours ever
Burkhard Varnholt

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