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Values that count for us – «We’re a family»!

Dear friends

“We’re a family” is our motto. A family is the strongest unit in any society. Children need families. Even a “foster family” can be a strong family. Because love – more than the bloodline – is the strongest force of any family. Love includes solidarity and the certainty that a family leaves no one behind. That is what counts for Kids of Africa. And our protégés know it. Report of a moving plea and of families that make a difference.

  • We’re a family!
  • A moving plea
  • Families that mean the world

We’re a family!

Our sense of belonging shapes the identity of Kids of Africa. While our small village consists of ten foster families, we all also feel like one big, happy family. This year we feel this especially. Firstly, two years of Covid quarantine have brought us closer together. Secondly, our fosterlings are doubly happy this year. Firstly, they are finally allowed to leave the village for school again. Secondly, when they are allowed to come home again for their holidays. The old folk saying “North, East, South, West – it’s best at home” also applies to them.

It’s nice when little children become hopeful young adults one day. It’s nice when they are happy to come home again and again. Strong bonds are formed in strong families. What we learn at the beginning of our lives in the family stays with us throughout our lives. That is what counts for Kids of Africa.




A moving plea

The chief mayor of our district is a free spirit. He is someone who knows Kids of Africa well. He himself grew up as an orphan with his grandmother. His commitment to solidarity is a common thread in his biography. Because he himself experienced the loss of his parents so painfully, he is all the more committed to protecting families, orphans and solidarity. Today, he is a member of the opposition party of Uganda’s popular rap musician Bobi Wine. Yet, despite being in the political minority, he is popular and successful. Why? Because he is credible. Because his political work for “common good not self-interest” is visible far and wide.

At the recent Kids of Africa village birthday, he gave a moving speech. He knelt down and explained what is important to him in life. For example, solidarity. It strengthens in small things as well as in big things. As an illustration, he peeled and shared a banana and advised our protégés to always share and protect the fruits of their own garden. There was a rare silence as he spoke. His simple plea moved many. It was an inspiring thought – even in our world with so many fractures.

Families that mean the world

For many people, their family means the world. No matter how difficult the circumstances, the love of a family makes hardship smaller and doubles the joy. Therefore, instead of many words, I will let some pictures speak for themselves.

I wish you a happy Advent holiday and send many thanks for your friendship, support and solidarity!

Yours sincerely
Burkhard Varnholt

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