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Fo(u)r children whom we believe in!

This week has seen the Ugandan government ask Kids of Africa to take good care of four vulnerable, orphaned or abandoned children.

Steven, 4 years, Melissa, 1 year, Augusta, 2 years and Jewel, 1.5 years were entrusted to four foster families at Kids of Africa. All four had previously been in temporary custody, which however, closed. As authorities could not trace their relatives, Kids of Africa was asked to provide more permanent care and education for them.

Augusta und Jewel

Augusta and Jewel

A warm welcome from all families and staff was offered to Steven, Melissa, Augusta and Jewel. As they will grow up, they will sense that Kids of Africa is a village where others believe in them. They will become confident, develop talents and be able to stand on their own feet. The warm mood was not lost on the four children, even though they are still in a process of settling-in. What’s more, I’m glad to say that all seem to be in good health. As their future brightens, they are four more reasons to believe in the contagious power of help.

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