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Families build strength!2016-11-23T15:23:21+01:00

Families build strength!

Anyone coming as a child to Kids of Africa is full of doubt; they have obviously just lost their parents, family and relatives. These are the ones we want to give the kind of support that we would wish for our own children, if they were ever to find themselves in such a situation.

Because a homeless orphan really wants nothing more than a family to protect it, our motto has always been “We are family”. Our employees have been using their hearts and their understanding for the past 15 years to create loving families for over 100 needy children – because we believe in them.

10 families are living in our village

10 families are living in our village

Every child needs a family

The idea of a foster family is simple and has proven to be effective. What probably sets the Kids of Africa children’s village apart the most is how consistently we follow certain main principles:

  • A family is for life. We do not see ourselves as a temporary transitional home. Our families are built to last. That provides strength and promotes social skills, solidarity and confidence.
  • Everyone helps out. For children, it is important to take on certain tasks and responsibilities at an early age. This strengthens the sense of community and creates moments of success.
  • Love, trust, security. These give any child strength. Only if you are loved yourself, can you love and support other people.
  • Direct. Your aid goes directly to work. Our organisation is run by volunteers but in a professional way. We vouch for the fact that 100% of donations go to on-site aid work.
  • Sustainable. Only sustainable solutions can help in cases on poverty, and this is the principle which guides our organisation, our working tenets and our commitment to education.
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