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A time to celebrate

2018-11-09T12:54:46+01:009. November 2018|

Dear friends and supporters! Pictures sometimes say more than words. That's why I attach some picture-galleries. They are just snapshots. But they show how our kids are becoming ever more confident grown-ups! The pictures were taken at three recent occasions: 1) our Village birthday-party, 2) our  affiliated "Run for

Moving mountains

2018-10-18T07:50:56+01:0019. September 2018|

Dear friends At Kids of Africa we enjoy working with long-term volunteers. Here’s a very brief reflection from Malou after one of her first days at work. It put a smile on my face when I read it. You may enjoy it, too. Moving Mountains It was

Back to school!

2018-09-19T11:49:17+01:0019. September 2018|

Dear friends and supporters! Did you ever look forward to the first day of school after a long vacation? Of course, every child loves holidays. And so do we. But after a good long summer, our kids are longing to seeing their classmates again! And indeed, there is an

Hidden Heroes part 4

2018-07-23T10:02:28+01:0021. June 2018|

Dear friends and supporters! John, fosterling and youngest employee of our school, may be on the brink of society all his life. As a three-year-old, he fell ill with malaria. But because he was never treated, he retained permanent brain damage. His intellectual abilities are severely limited. His uncle,

Season’s greetings!

2018-07-23T10:06:35+01:0013. April 2018|

Dear friends and supporters! There’s a sense of magic every year when springtime arrives and nature blossoms. Birds are returning. Plants strengthen their roots and raise their heads. And the first rays of sunshine put a smile into our faces and warm our hearts. The natural cycles

3. Advents-Newsletter – „And suddenly, we had to flee …“

2018-01-12T11:31:53+01:0017. December 2017|

That’s how thousands of autobiographies of desperate, single refugee-children in Uganda begin. These children carry all of their belongings in their pockets. They’ve come a long way and it shows. To help them back on their feet, rather than waste formative years, we seek to build a comprehensive school,

Meet Steven, 14, our everyday hero. And help him find a role in society and a purpose in life!

2018-01-12T13:24:53+01:001. December 2017|

While every child may dream of fame or fortune, only few will actually be so lucky. Take a look at Steven, 14, who has been mentally handicapped and developed very slowly as a consequence. His reading- and comprehension skills are far below average. On a good day, he can