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Meet Steven, 14, our everyday hero. And help him find a role in society and a purpose in life!

2018-01-12T13:24:53+02:001. December 2017|

While every child may dream of fame or fortune, only few will actually be so lucky. Take a look at Steven, 14, who has been mentally handicapped and developed very slowly as a consequence. His reading- and comprehension skills are far below average. On a good day, he can

1. Advents-Newsletter – On the run. We help refugee-children create a better future.

2018-01-12T13:05:35+02:001. December 2017|

Because refugee long for nothing more than to return home safely. I want to write about two things in this letter. First, I am reaching out with an urgent appeal for help. Because Uganda has been overwhelmed by an unprecedented inflow of refugees from Southern Sudan. While

Hidden heroes – Joshua

2017-09-11T17:48:02+02:0014. July 2017|

Meet Joshua Kisawuzi – a young hero of Uganda’s next generation Dear Friends, this is an anecdote about unconditional love and about the power of a determined mind. It could easily be overlooked – its impact wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But below the surface is the value much bigger.


2017-02-09T16:53:11+02:001. June 2016|

Dear friends Children all over the world are excited for school Holidays – also at Kids of Africa. In Africa, tradition suggests, that children not only enjoy the spoils of holidays, but also offer some help to their families and homes. We, too, cherish this tradition. Because it prevents